The Most Common Heating Problems Homeowners Encounter

During the colder parts of the year, your home’s heating unit is put under a tremendous amount of pressure, and one of your biggest priorities is keeping it in excellent condition. When the weather reaches its lowest temperatures, you need to know that you can rely on your heating system, and when you do encounter any problems with it, you need prompt and professional repairs. At Advanced Air Specialist, our professional Oklahoma City heating contractors are always able ready and eager to provide you with any heating repairs you need, and we can completely eliminate any problems that your encounter with the system.

Your heating system could need repairs or any number of reason, but some problems are more common than others. If you’ve noticed that your heating system isn’t functioning well, or that your heating costs have been higher than normal, consider whether it’s suffering from some of these common problems:

Lack of Maintenance

Your furnace requires frequent maintenance and prompt repairs. You need your heating system to be in the best condition possible so that it can keep your Oklahoma City home warm throughout the winter months, and having regular maintenance performed on it is the best way to do that. Without regular maintenance, you’ll see significant and unexpected problems crop up.

Our professionals recommend you have a heating tune-up performed at least once a year to prevent any unexpected breakdowns, ensure excellent performance, and keep your energy costs low.

Dirty of Clogged Filters

During the fall and winter, you should replace or clean your air filters about once each month. This is one of the most important things you can do for your heating system. It will extend the life of your furnace and enhance its efficiency. Dirty filters restrict air flow, which means that your heating unit will need to work harder to distribute heated air throughout your home.

Wear and Tear

Your furnace is made up of many smaller mechanical parts. When any of these experience wear-and-tear, it can cause major issues with your heater’s performance. You should have your belts and bearings, fan motors, and heating elements checked during an annual heating inspection.

Pilot or Ignition Control Problems

If your furnace is only providing heat intermittently, or it’s not producing heat at all, you may have a problem with your furnace’s ignition control. Your furnace probably uses one of two types of ignition systems:

  • Hot Surface Ignition, or
  • Intermittent Pilot

Hot surface ignition systems use “resistance heating” elements, which are controlled electronically to ignite the gas burner. The intermittent pilot system is also electronically controlled, but it uses a high voltage electrical spark to ignite the gas pilot, then the main burners, whenever the thermostat calls for heat. When you have problems with your ignition control, it will prevent your heating unit from providing your Oklahoma City home with heat.