Why You Need a Furnace Tune Up

Fall is here and winter is not far behind. It’s time to think about how you’re going to keep warm this winter without breaking the bank.

The main thing is to have your furnace checked and tuned. Whether electric, propane, gas or a heat pump.

Do this early before the cold spells hit. If you wait until your area’s first arctic blast you may have to wait several weeks, yes weeks until there is an heating and cooling specialist able come out to your home.

Your heating equipment has been sitting dormant for several months and by having your equipment tuned up before you actually need it you can save hundreds (yes hundreds) in unnecessary repair calls.

Many people that wait until the cold hits find that their equipment fails at the most crucial time. A tune up can prevent the failure of your equipment and catch many other problems which can result in expensive repairs.

Also having your furnace tuned up and checked before you use it could prevent things like a crack developing in your heat exchanger in a gas or propane furnace which results in carbon monoxide being pumped into your Oklahoma City home. A dangerous occurrence that happens much too frequently due to furnace neglect.

A break in your electrical elements in your electrical furnace could cause a fire.

A leak in your heat pump could lead to a break down in your compressor and reversing valve which could destroy the most important and expensive parts of your unit.

What are HVAC HEPA Air Filters

There is a growing demand for highly efficient air filters not just for residential homes but also in industrial and office environment. Problems like viruses and asthma continually drives end-users to demand for a more effective and efficient air filter. As an industrial manager you might be aware that the industry that you are managing runs an HVAC system and attached with this is an HVAC HEPA Air Filter. The name sounds so technical, isn?t it? A simple explanation then is given.

What is HVAC?

HVAC is an acronym, which means High Voltage Alternating Current. It is also commonly known as Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning. This is a system of climate control and is specifically designed for medium and large industries and office buildings. According to Wikipedia, the functions of heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning are closely intertwined because they all provide thermal comfort and indoor air quality that are acceptable, with reasonable cost and can be easily maintained.

What is HVAC HEPA Air Filters?

HVAC HEPA air filters are filters that can remove at least 99.97% of airborne particles and has a diameter of 0.3?micrometers. These kinds of filters consist of arranged fibers that can filter much smaller pollutants and particles.

The first HEPA filter was made in the 1940s and was used to prevent radioactive contaminants. Later in the 1950s, it has become more commercialized and became known as a highly efficient filters. It is being used in highly powered industries specifically for aerospace, pharmaceuticals, hospitals and nuclear power. Nowadays, a HVAC HEPA filter rating is the standard used by all other filters that even the US Department of Energy has specific requirements for HEPA filters.

HVAC HEPA air filter has even entered residential houses now but are limited. This is due to the fact that HVAC systems in most houses are not configured to support HEPA filters. But growing demand for HVAC HEPA air filters are growing because of the need for better indoor air quality. It is said that in year 2008, there shall be a major increase among residential homes needing these kinds air filters.

What can HVAC HEPA Air Filters Do For You?

If you are sensitive to airborne irritants, then HVAC HEPA air filters can do much for you. It can prevent allergens such as hair and lint. It can reduce dust and odors inside your house. Some irritants can also cause so much allergy problems. Unlike any other filters this kind of filter can capture the smallest pollutants. However, if you have been using these for a while, you should be aware that it needs to be replaced and cleaned regularly to achieve its highest effectiveness.

HVAV HEPA air filters is the standard for all air filters. You are surer that with this kind of air filter in your home, you can prevent many problems such as pollutants and irritants entering your respiratory system and therefore creating more problems later.

What are Tankless Water Heaters

Tank less water heaters have become increasingly more popular over the years because of the many great benefits that they offer to you in your Oklahoma City home. It is an efficient method to saving space in your home, a safer type of unit and also will help to reduce the cost of your heating. If you are looking for an energy efficient as well as an endless supply of hot water than you will want to look into purchasing a tank less gas water heater.

How do they save you so much money?

The reason that you can save so much additional money with this type of unit is because they do not run constantly to keep the tank filled of water hot. Since there is no storage area for the water in a tank less system the water will heat up when it is in demand. So when you turn on the faucet the water will begin to get warm. This is also the downside to this unit, since it will take a few extra seconds before the water gets hot. There is always going to be pros and cons to anything, and if this is the only con than it doesn’t seem to be that bad of a deal. Once the water heats up you will have an endless supply of the hot water unlike that of the tanks that offer you 100 gallons of hot water.

But before you run out to buy anything it’s important that you learn more about it. There are many buying guides for Oklahoma City for all of the various choices of water heaters that you have too choose from. You want to uncover the systems that are going to offer you and endless supply of hot water, dramatically lower the cost of your heating bill, offer you the maximum amount of hot water for your demand, and are affordable enough for you to purchase. This may seem like it would be a simple task, but it’s not. There are so many different one’s to choose from and the prices range from low to very high. Solar powered units will save you the most amount of money each month, but it’s also the most expensive one.

Check online and with a local plumber for comparison charts that will compare not only the prices but also the benefits of each of the units. This will help to reduce the amount of time you spend searching.

Your Furnace Installation Checklist

Furnaces are appliances that keep our homes warm permanently through the movement of air, hot water or steam. Since they produce a lot of heat, there may be times that the improper furnace installation may pose danger to our homes. Contractors are required to follow strict guidelines in order to ensure a safe and running furnace and to keep clients away from harm.

There are many things that a contractor takes into consideration before installing your furnace. Below is a checklist of the things that should be observed by a contractor:

  1. Load calculation – In order to know a home’s heating and cooling requirements, a contractor should understand the load calculation of the house. There are contractors who base or determine the needs for heating or cooling on the size of the house (square feet). This should not be the case because it will produce inaccurate information on the total load that a home can actually handle.
  2. Replacement – Contractors are not allowed to replace any parts of the furnace with any identical parts because there is a possibility that these are already incorrect originally.
  3. Ventilation – Venting systems should always be compliant to furnace installation requirements and regulations. Your old venting system can still be used as long as it is compatible to the new furnace you had installed by your contractor. However, for blower-type furnaces, it is required to have at least 2 square inches for every 1000 BTU. The rest of the furnaces only require 2 combustion openings.
  4. Garage furnaces – An elevation height of at least 18 inches from the floor of the garage to the point of ignition must be observed. At the same time, the furnace should be kept away from the path leading to the garage area.
  5. Restricted areas – Bedrooms, closets and bathrooms cannot be installed with gas-fired furnaces. Furnace installation in the attic requires a five feet space from the floor to the ceiling with a 30”x30” opening within 20 feet of the furnace’s location.
  6. Underfoot furnaces – Underfoot furnaces should have a light switch near it in order have visibility during operation. Suspended furnaces, on the other hand, must be elevate at a 6 inch height above the ground.
  7. Inspection – After the furnace installation, your contractor should provide a description of the installation for the building inspector to check. Chimneys are inspected to verify the compliance to the standard 350 degrees.

Hiring a contractor for your furnace installation needs can be a breeze if you have checked on skilled technicians who can do the job for you. It is very important to hire contractors that offer warranty on their work, especially if you have a furnace that is top of the line. A lot of furnaces have a five year warranty on parts and a lifetime warranty on the heat exchangers. It will be a great addition to have a contractor who will do a perfect installation job. Some will even offer added warranty on labor or money-back guarantees.

How to Choose Your Plumbing Fixtures

In the previous years, bathrooms and kitchens were commonly seen in white or cream. It was the typical design and since it looked boring (although it looks clean), modern decorators made innovative changes and now, bathroom and kitchen designs come in many different styles and colors. If one is planning for a home improvement project, this article provides tips in choosing plumbing that are suitable to the needs and lifestyle of different people.

 Faucets and sinks used in kitchens are now available in many styles.

Some are modern, classic, elegant styles, and there are some that are user-friendly and functional. Select a style that matches the overall design of the bathroom or kitchen. Be sure to know the specific function and features of each plumbing fixtures. Choose a faucet or a sink suits the needs of its users. For example, if there are children in the house be sure to choose a shower faucet that has temperature and pressure control features perfect for their bath. When shopping for these things, check the durability and quality of these fixtures. Make sure they last longer and can stand with thorough dirt or everyday cleaning. It should be easy to install and easy to replace so that it will not be a problem if it needs a few fixing.

Of course, the cost of these fixtures varies too. Compare prices and features before deciding what to buy. However, an expensive Oklahoma plumbing fixture does not always mean that they are better and high-quality. Carefully search for other options in several stores and compare prices – one may find a good fixture at a lower price. A person should also take note of the manufacturer of these fixtures because reputable manufacturers are credible and are already known in the industry for their high-quality fixtures and better after sales service. This will guarantee that those fixtures will last for decades.

When Purchasing a Bathtub

When planning to buy a bathtub, consider first the size of the bathroom. Make sure there will be sufficient space for the tub. There are several styles to choose from. There are old-type enamel cast-iron bathtubs, molded plastic bathtubs, enamel steel bathtubs and fiberglass bathtubs. It comes in different colors, shapes, and sizes to fit every bathroom designs. These range from $100 to $1,000 depending on the style, so check the budget too. Toilets, on the other hand do not necessarily need to be too classy. It should be practical and comfortable. Newly available toilets have higher capabilities of water used per flush. Some even have a toilet system with two flush buttons, one for removal of solid waste and the other for liquids.

Other plumbing fixtures like bathroom faucets must be rust-free and durable and should last for many years without dripping. These parts – faucets, tubs, sinks, and toilets are just a small part of kitchens and bathrooms. But giving attention to these parts of the house for a home improvement project will definitely produce better and satisfying results – a quality and comfortable home.

Top 6 Heating Tips for this Winter!

With winter approaching rapidly, getting your Oklahoma City heating system ready for winter weather is more than likely a great concern for you as a homeowner.  The Oklahoma City heating system is the lifeblood of the home during the colder months of the year, and the cost of heating your home during this time is probably one of your biggest upcoming expenditures.

The following tips will help you to get your heating system ready while also helping to reduce the cost of keeping your interior toasty warm.

Routine Maintenance

Early fall and early spring are the ideal times for you to have your Oklahoma City heating system inspected.  While you’re likely do basic maintenance tasks yourself, like changing out a furnace filter, an annual inspection of your Oklahoma City heating system is important to stave off costly repairs.

A certified technician can spot potential problems with your HVAC system before they become major issues, and can get your system ready for the cool weather ahead by making sure that everything is in good working order.

Filter Maintenance

Your HVAC air filter is an important part of your Oklahoma City heating and cooling system.  By replacing the air filter each month – your system will not have to work as hard, which means that it will use less energy.  Changing the filter regularly can also help your system to last longer.  Most folks can perform this simple task in addition to cleaning the vents and ducts to remove built up dust.

Updating an Older System

If you have an older Oklahoma City heating system, now may be the time to update it, or even replace it.  For example, a gas furnace that was installed prior to 1977 is likely to be as much as sixty percent less efficient today than a modern model.  What this translates to is around half of the fuel expended by the furnace actually reaching the home in the form of heat.  A modern gas furnace can achieve an efficiency rating as high as ninety-seven percent, which may cut your use of gas in half.  Now that’s savings!

Use a Programmable Thermostat

While most homeowners don’t have the knowledge to install a programmable thermostat on their own, having your Oklahoma City heating and cooling technician make this installation during your annual inspection is a good idea.  A programmable thermostat allows you to turn your heat down during the day when you are at work while you are asleep at night, and then back to a higher temperature when you need it.  It takes much less energy to warm a cool home than it does to keep the home warm all day.  With proper use of your programmable thermostat, you can cut your Oklahoma City heating costs by around twenty percent.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are not just a great idea for the summer, but they can be used during the cooler months of the year to blow air upward.  By reversing the direction of the fan, the blades move the air upward, which his particularly useful in rooms with high or vaulted ceiling where heat rises naturally and then is forced back down into the room.

Check Heating Vents

And finally, make sure that all of the Oklahoma City heating vents in the home are opened and that they are not blocked by furniture or other items.  This allows for an even distribution of air throughout the home. However, if you have rooms that are not being used, such as a guest bedroom, you can invariably close the vents to those areas in order to cut down on Heating energy costs.

What to Consider When Making Heating Repairs

Every home owner should know the fundamental concepts on how the heating system facilities operate in the home setting. This will also help the contractors in performing heating repairs in a more efficient manner. Some of the aspects that you will need to know are (1) the type of fuel that the heating system can burn; (2) the type of heating system that you are using; (3) how to shut down the heating system; and (4) the location of the heating system. These things are important because every household has a unique structure. Therefore, a single type of heating system may work differently for each household. Conversely, various heating systems can have different rates of heating for a single household.

Aside from this, it is equally important for you to determine how long the heating unit has been used. The “current age” of the heating unit can give you a clue on the level of efficiency and amount of heating that it can provide the entire household. Knowing how the heating unit should be operated and how you take care of it will help the contractors determine if the heating repairs that should be done are extensive. In line with this, you should know how to perform a routine assessment of your heating system. This will help the contractors easily determine the source of the problem. Also, it will be helpful for you to know the costs of its operation and repair. These will help you determine if a replacement is recommended instead of a repair.

There are various procedures that should be done in dealing with heating units. You have to consider these if you are interested in having heating repairs. For the forced heating units, you should consider the fact that all types have a blower motor or a pump in the furnace or boiler. As for the hydronic heating units, they are usually operated with the use of oil fired or gas fired burners. In some instances, some contractors would use electric resistance coils of the immersion type. This will allow the hot water to raise the level of pressure from the unit within a shorter span of time. In turn, this will allow the heat to be distributed more evenly. Eventually, the heat will dissipate so it gets to every part of the unit then to the room. Examples of these units are convectors, radiators, runtal radiators, and baseboards.

For the hot air heating units, you will have to consider the furnace itself for your heating repairs. Usually, the furnace will have to pull the air to the heat exchanger. At the same time, this will also let the cold air return. An additional duct may be needed to enhance the efficiency of the heating capability of this heating unit. Aside from that, you will also have to consider the use of heat registers. This will aid in directing the heat from the unit to the various rooms that need heating. You may ask your contractor to optimize this by providing a shutting and opening mechanism to increase the level of heat distributed among the rooms of the house. Resizing the cold return of the heating unit can also aid in maintaining the integrity not only of the entire heating unit but also of the heat exchanger. This can also help you reduce the amount of electricity, gas, or oil that is wasted every time you use the heating units.

Why Whole Home Humidifiers are for You

Are you aware that the humidity of the air inside your house may be at a sub-optimal level? Do you wish that you could tweak and regulate the humidity level inside your house upon command?

Don’t Let Your Home Become Too Dry

If you are like the majority of people, then you’d probably like to find a convenient way to increase the amount of moisture inside of your house when it feels dry. One great strategy for increasing the amount of moisturizing-air inside of your house is by making use of an whole house humidifier.

The great thing about whole house humidifiers is that they are pretty easy to install as well as maintain. A lot of whole-house humidifiers that are manufactured today are able to be mounted near your furnace. Whole house humidifiers allow you to have the freedom to adjust the concentration of moisture that gets dispersed into your house.

Humidifiers Helps Keep The Dry Away

If all of a sudden you notice that the air inside of your house is getting too dry, you can easily walk over to your humidifier and crank it up a notch.

People without a whole-house humidifier will have to suffer through seasons when the air gets dry. Having dry air throughout your house can lead to poor air quality, which can get you sick. Most people take notice of the fact that when air is too dry, their throat begins feeling scratchy or their voice feels raspy. Having a whole-house-humidifier around the house will help you optimize the quality of air in your environment.

Keep You Home Warm With Less Electricity

Another quality reason to get a whole house humidifier is so that you will be able to keep your house warmer while using less total electricity. By getting one of these appliances for your home, you will be able to save yourself some money because you will not need to turn on the heat as much in the winter. You will also feel more comfortable breathing in the air around your house.

If you think that you can benefit from running an Oklahoma whole house humidifier in your house, then it is certainly recommended to get one. There are great humidifiers for sale both on the internet and home-appliance stores.

Save Money In The Long Run With Humidifiers

Though they may cost you a fair amount of initial money, this investment will ensure that you live more comfortably and that your air-quality in your house is at an optimal level.

How a Heating Repair Specialist can Bring new Heat to your home

For some people, procrastination is a way of life. When they were in high school, they didn’t finish their book reports until the night before it was due. Now that they’re adults, they wait until the last minute to do things such as pay their bills. In some instances the effects of procrastination can almost go unnoticed. There are times, however, where the complete opposite circumstance occurs.

One example involves the need for heating repair. When a heating unit goes out, especially during the winter months, it’s important to get it fixed as soon possible. Continually putting this important task on the back burner can produce unfavorable consequences.

In many places, the winter time can be extremely unbearable. People are snowed in for days on end, without the possibility of even taking a trip to the corner store. With the prospect of this type of occurrence, it’s important to have a home that is warm during the cold months of the year. That’s why it’s essential to contact a heating repair specialist as soon as you suspect there may be issues with your unit. Even if you may not have to deal with snow, not having your system fixed could still cause a great deal of discomfort.

When some people are extremely cold, it’s very difficult for them to complete seemingly easy tasks. They would probably be too busy bundled up in a huge blanket. There are even some people who find it hard to sleep when they are nearly freezing. So, not only would they be prevented from doing everyday duties, but they’d also lose valuable sleep.

Not getting a unit fixed by a heating repair professional can also put people at risk of getting sick. One of the most popular sicknesses caused by excessively low temperatures is the common cold. Because there is no cure for this health issue, the symptoms can become extremely persistent and hard to deal with. Hypothermia can also be caused by extremely cold weather. This condition can cause mild symptoms such as shivering and mental confusion. It can also have much more severe consequences such as amnesia or even death.

Some of these instances may sound absurd. However, it’s important to note that if a home or building doesn’t have a heating unit during the winter then the home will basically act as a type of freezer. All of the cold air gets trapped inside. The only outlet would be to open the door or the windows, which would only make it worse because the air is cold outside as well.

So, getting a heating repair specialist to come out and fix a unit during the winter should be a top priority. Not only could ignoring this important fact cause great inconveniences, but it can also pose health risks.

Why your Office Needs Air Conditioning

If you install the right kind of air conditioning in an office, you will discover that under more pleasant working conditions staff productivity goes up. Therefore, contacting your air conditioning specialist makes good business sense. When you are buying air conditioning for a new office there are certain considerations you must take into account, like the size of the rooms and how many people will be using the rooms during the day. The following is a breakdown of other questions that you should ask your Oklahoma City HVAC contractor to make the best investment for your business.

1. What is the unit’s British Thermal Unit (BTU) rating? This rating will tell you how much heat the air conditioning unit can remove from a room. A higher rating corresponds to more heat being taken from a room, so it is best to have room dimensions ready for the air conditioning installer. A large room with a unit that has a low rating would not be effective at all.

2. What Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) Number has the air conditioner have? This number will tell you how much energy is needed to power the unit to work effectively. The higher the EER, the less energy is needed to power the air conditioning unit. This is desirable, but keep in mind that higher EER numbers mean a more expensive unit. The good thing about that is the long-term use of a machine with a higher EER will help pay for itself over time, saving you money.

3. How is the temperature controlled? Most units today have a heat sensor that automatically adjusts the temperature of the air as it enters the unit using a manual or programmable control. If you get a unit with a variable speed fan, it can help make your unit more efficient. You can also find units with remote controls, timers and digital readouts.

4. Is it easy to maintain? Obviously, you want a unit that is easy to maintain, meaning filters that are easily removed for cleaning and replacement. By doing so, you can ensure that your unit works efficiently and save your Oklahoma City business money over the years.

Write these questions down to ask your air conditioning specialist to select the best unit for the best price for your new office.