Advanced Air Specialist is a professional Oklahoma City Indoor Air Quality contractor providing a variety of services to help promote clean air for homeowners in our service areas. Our indoor air quality services include the installation and repair of air cleaners, humidifiers and insulation.

At Advanced Air Specialist, we believe there’s much more to air quality than heating and air conditioning. In fact, even with a heating and air conditioning system the EPA has estimated that indoor air is up to 70% more polluted that outdoor air. Because we believe that your family’s comfort and health go hand in hand, our indoor air quality specialists are fully trained in indoor air quality products to bring your home the comfort you deserve. Indoor air quality solutions can help if you and your family experience any of the following conditions: Allergies and other respiratory problems, frequent head aches, tiredness or anxiety, find you have to dust often or you have more dust in your home than you would like, find your home to be dry in the winter or humid in the summer, rooms in your home experience different temperatures